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Nuda's Launchkey MIDI Controller

Nuda's Launchkey MIDI Controller

Nuda is selling her Novation LaunchKey 37 MIDI controller. It is one of her main controllers for performing live and producing her music.


Though no longer functional, it has gone through quite the ringer and her most cherished bucket list of shows, including IAMX, Matte Blvck, Ayria, Neotropolis, Lead into Gold, Aesthetic Perfection, and more; and lastly for the latest music video for FleischKrieg's "I Believe in Gnomes."


This MIDI controller will come with its certificate of authenticity, hand-signed, and with her signature paint streaks, including the leftover paint from performing on it, so you can truly share that you got it from Nuda.


Your purchase helps Nuda continue funding her project and getting her third album ready to release to the masses in 2024. You will also get the #1 physical print copy.


Use Promo Code: MIDISHIP  for Free Shipping!

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    This item is non-refundable or returnable.

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